When you think about the Old West, do you think Montana? Diverse landscape from high mountain ranges to endless plains is the biggest attraction in Montana.

There are some towns to visit also, like Great Falls and Billings in the east of Montana. You’ll get a rustic, Old West feel. Hunting, camping, and fishing are popular in Montana. There are a number of both ski and summer resorts to choose from. Glacier National Park draws visitors because of its excellent scenery, as well as the Yellowstone National Park.

Montana is one of the best places to camp. Full wide open land with plenty of wildlife and beautiful areas offers lots of camping options to choose from.

1. Salmon Camp

Salmon Camp is a state park where you can camp overnight. If you want to enjoy great outdoors but love the comforts of a hot shower as well, this is an excellent facility for you.  For a beautiful day of hiking, there are plenty of well-marked trails. There are specified places for swimming and fishing, and docks for boating.

2. Bighorn Canyon

You can find the most popular camping location Bighorn Canyon at Fort Smith. You can see miles of open land to camp on in your tent or RV. You can also rent a beautiful cabin from here. There is plenty of wildlife to observe as well as some of the biggest fish can be found here.

3. Jellystone Park in Missoula

If you camp with children, consider the Jellystone Park in Missoula, which is home of Yogi the bear. Hiking, fishing, hunting, or just exploring the surroundings, you can spend a good outdoors time here. For children, there are also games, crafts, and activities. There is also a ghost town with mines only a few minutes away.

4. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is a national park located in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. It offers camping, wildlife observation, beautiful scenery, and horseback riding. Camping is available at a dozen campgrounds. You can go hiking on foot or rent a horse.

5. Gallatin National Forest

Another beautiful place to visit in Montana is Gallatin National Forest. It is located is located in south-central Montana. You can find camping and cabin rentals from there. Cabins offer a chance to camp in the forest in a rustic old-time setting. Plenty of large wildlife roam the area, and it provides a unique bird watching experience. Camping in the open spaces and listening to the different animals and birds is the thing here.


Montana is the place to be if you enjoy camping. There are so many different areas to choose from. You can pick one based on location, the terrain, the wildlife, or the camping accommodations. Regardless of where you decide to camp in Montana, you will have a great time relaxing in the great outdoors.

If camping in the outdoors is not your bag, you can find more about the best towns in Montana.