Fishing in a pristine blue lake, hiking pine tree covered mountains and relaxing under clear blue skies are what people want when they go on summer camping trips.

There are many different possible summer camp spots all over the country, but not many can compare to what the Glacier National Park can offer you. Park is located in the northwest corner of Montana and has every aspect of nature that you could desire.
It is known for its steep, towering mountains, deep valleys, and many large lakes.

So if you are looking for a great vacation campground, then look no further than the Glacier National Park.

Getting there

Basically getting to the Glacier is as easy as hopping into your car and driving on the highway all the way in. But Glacier is far away from larger cities. You can find an airport in Kalispell, Montana, southwest of the park. Amtrak trains stop at East and West Glacier, and Essex.

“Going to the Sun” road, a twisty road built during the 1920’s and 1930’s, is the heaviest used attraction in Glacier National Park. The road connects the east side of the park to the west side over Logan Pass. It is very narrow with sheer drop-offs all along the edge of the road. Due to the narrowness, no trailers over 20 ft are allowed going over Logan Pass.

Visitors entering the park by car will be charged an entrance fee in the summer.

Campgrounds with services or wilderness experience

Once in the park, there are over 10 different campgrounds and spaces to stay in.

Campgrounds that provide spaces with restrooms and other features:

East Side of the park:

  • Many Glacier,
  • St. Mary, and
  • Rising Sun

West and Northwest there are:

  • Apgar,
  • Fish Creek,
  • Sprague Creek, and
  • Avalanche.

There also small, primitive campgrounds which might offer more wilderness-like experience, like Logging Creek and Quartz Creek.

Great Stop after a day in Glacier

After settling down, there are a good variety of local restaurants that will make you feel like you are roughing it in the woods but with excellent food.

The best way to find these restaurants are to drive around and look for them as well as look at the scenery.

Weather is very variable and can be extreme.

Glacier National Park is located in northwestern Montana which means the temperatures will vary from the upper seventies in the afternoon to as low as the forties at night.

You should always bring raingear and extra clothing. Dressing in layers is a fundamental part of a comfortable visit all year long.

For a current weather forecast of the park, you can check Todays Forecast.

Stunted and twisted trees

The scenery includes broad backgrounds of jagged mountain cliffs covered with dark green pine trees.

Windswept trees, image credits @supafly, flickr /

The wildlife is some of the most diverse in the country and has many endangered animals that are great to look at, but you should always be careful around them.

Dress appropriately according to elevation

The elevation varies from 3,150 feet (960 m) at the Flathead River to the over 10,000 feet (3,000 m) on the mountain peaks, so it has more than 7,000 feet (2,100 m) in elevation variance.

If staying at a higher elevation make sure to dress appropriately for the cooler weather.

Outdoor activities

Glacier National Park offers a great variety of outdoor activities that everyone of all ages can enjoy.

Bicycles are not permitted on trails, with the only couple of exceptions. So biking along the side of the road is what riders do. It means sharing the roads with both recreational and passenger vehicles of all size.

Hiking in the Glacier can be challenging for the best climbers or can be a simple walk up a path easy enough for the elderly. The rugged terrain can make any hike difficult, and the mountains around you make sudden weather changes frequently happen so make sure you don’t get left without supplies.

A few things you should take with you are:

  • water,
  • matches,
  • extra clothing,
  • and be sure to tell someone where you’re going and your route.

If you make sure to follow all of these guidelines you will be experiencing some great views and have all the peace on earth.

Some of the most exciting entertainment in the Glacier is the fishing and boating. The lakes and streams here are packed with large fish and good amounts of them. Just like anywhere else, a fishing license is required, and you should be respectful to the land by not littering.

Boating is one of the best ways to explore the Glacier and will open up some of the most breathtaking views. There are many boat rentals located all over the grounds, and the lakes are calm enough for kayaks.

If you plan to bring your own boat or kayak, then you must obtain a permit beforehand.

The Glacier offers an exciting summer camping spot and can bring you and your family closer than ever.

And just the opposite of that, the Glacier offers very secluded getaways where you can spend some alone time away from the busy world.

The number of activities here are endless but relaxing and just enjoying the view as time passes by is always an excellent alternative to the less active. No matter what your preference, the Glacier is sure to have the activity that can suit you best.